The Cosmopolitan

As a true drink snob, I need to pick on the Cosmo, or as Carrie puts it when asked why she stopped drinking them “because everyone else started.” If, however, you absolutely need to drink a Cosmo, here’s a tip when ordering one at the bar: look around and check to see if anyone is drinking something bright red out of cocktail glass. If they are, politely enquire if that’s a Cosmopolitan. If it is, order something else because they are obviously being heavy-handed on the cranberry and no good can come from that. Your Cosmo should not be red, it should be pale pink…

The roots

Drop in on any party or bar in the late ‘90s and chances are a majority of people would be holding a martini glass filled with a bright pink liquid they would unashamedly be sipping on called a Cosmopolitan. Probably one of the greatest cocktail hits of our lifetime, the Cosmo is the perfect example of how fickle our booze culture can be, a drink that is for a brief moment all the rage, and then just as quickly as it came, becomes a joke that most people wouldn’t dare order, much like music today and the Backstreet Boys of yesteryear.

Who actually took the idea of combining cranberry, lime, Cointreau and vodka, shaking it over ice and straining it into a martini glass is a bit foggy, but chances are the drink came out of one of two meccas for gay culture: Miami Beach and Provincetown.

From there the drink spread across the USA, eventually ending up in Madonna’s hand at a Grammy party. With this seal of approval, the drink seems to have been embraced by celebrity culture, but it didn’t truly explode until the popular TV show decided to make the drink its characters’ drink of choice.

Sex and the City is responsible for launching several cultural phenomena, from our obsession for cupcakes to our quest for incredible designer shoes and bags, but nothing swept the globe due to the show’s influence as fast as the Cosmo!

The makin’s
1 part vodka
½ parts Triple Sec
½ parts Cranberry Juice
½ parts Lime Juice
Orange peel/twist

The drill
Shake vodka, triple sec, lime and cranberry juice vigorously in a shaker with ice
Strain into a martini glass, garnish with the orange wedge on the rim, and serve


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