Mixing up the Greyhound is as quick as its name!

Popular, easy to make, refreshing – it’s an ideal choice for a summertime brunch or any time at all.

The beauty of this mixed drink with vodka and grapefruit juice is in its simplicity. The vodka adds very little flavor, so you are basically drinking spiked juice.

The roots

The Greyhound cocktail first appears in 1945 as the grapefruit equivalent to the Screwdriver (vodka and orange juice).

One of this dog’s common coat colorings, although there are 18 official colors recognized by the American Greyhound (dog racing) Track Operators, a yellowish tan known as fawn which resembles the color of grapefruit juice, may have inspired this drinks name.

And the canine race continues: the greyhound becomes a Salty Dog in a pinch, just by coating the glass rim with salt.

The makin’s

2 parts vodka
Grapefruit juice
Lemon or lime wedge for garnish

The drill

Add the vodka to a glass filled with ice
Top with grapefruit juice and stir
Garnish with a lemon or lime wedge


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