How simple can it get? Well, a combination of vodka and orange juice is about as simple as a cocktail gets. It’s refreshing, uncomplicated, universally available, the ideal choice if you don’t feel like whipping up a proper cocktail.

And about the name, well it’s just orange juice and vodka, so probably it was nameless until it became THE SCREWDRIVER.

The roots

The screwdriver hardly needs and introduction at all.

However, its origins are not as simple. The most popular story goes that the Screwdriver came to be in the 50s, where workers on oil rigs in the Persian Gulf who would work incredibly long and dangerous hours, poured orange juice and vodka into cans while working on the rigs. The name came from the workers using a screwdriver to stir their secret alcoholic elixir.

Another story says that the Screwdriver, along with other vodka-based beverages, was first invented and pushed by one John Martin, who was trying to make Smirnoff Vodka a big brand in the United States. Not only is he credited by some with inventing the Screwdriver, but legend says he once filled a tanker with his Screwdrivers and handed them out on Hollywood Boulevard to promote his business.

The makin’s

2 parts vodka
5 parts orange juice
Orange slice for garnish

The drill

Build the ingredients in a Collins glass with ice
Stir well


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