Eyes may well be the windows to the soul, but they’re also a doorway onto drunkenness. If you’ve ever had a hangover, you know just how on spot the name of this drink is, associating itself with that morning after. Every truly heroic hangover is accompanied by bleary, puffy, bloodshot eyes, putting you in a world of pain and regret.

If you haven`t stumbled home until the crack of dawn to see yourself in the mirror with that red-eye look, if on the hangover scale of one to ten yours was a fifty-five, then the Red Eye cocktail is your cure!

From the most pivotal bar movie of the ‘80s comes this cure. When Brian Flanagan (Tom Cruise) walks in to ask for a bartending job, Doug is mixing up a Red Eye. Later, when Flanagan is trying to cure a hangover with pizza, his mentor explains the ingredients of the cure.

Boy! My pop culture references keep getting worse and worse…

The roots

The drink originated from Japan and was later introduced to the West through the film “Cocktail”.

If you`re looking for a perfect beer-and-tomato-juice combination, you should still go to Tokyo where many bars have taken the “beer-cocktail” to a whole new level.

Reputation has it that the Red Eye is an infamously low-brow mixed drink using the tomato juice as an excuse to help a poor drunken soul get back on his feet. With many great cocktails come the danger of a great hangover.

The bartending skills of New York business student Brian Flanagan were center stage in 1988’s “Cocktail” where Tom Cruise made mixology look sexy, cool and a little reckless. The movie’s infamous signature cocktail Red Eye was the cure for hangovers, a mix of vodka, beer, tomato juice and a raw egg.

The film was a hit and so was Tom Cruise.  But there was another star in the movie that rose to the heights of popularity and that was the film’s signature cocktail.

The flavor is delicious, if you like tomato juice, and leaves a sweet refreshing after taste.

An alcoholic drink that cures hangovers! It is pretty close to the saying ‘The best cure of hangover is to never stop drinking’…

The makin’s
1 part vodka
6 parts tomato juice
1 can of beer
1 raw egg

The drill
Into a tall frosty mug, pour the vodka and tomato juice
Pour in the beer, then crack the egg and drop it in the glass
Do not stir
Your red eye is looking at you!


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