If you want a Manhattan on steroids, try the Diamondback!

Here’s a medicinal cocktail with healing powers that’s named after a snake for a reason…. It’s lethal! Or maybe it’s because this cocktail will cure a snake bite – nobody knows for sure, so it’s your call.

To say the Diamondback is a strong drink would be an understatement, it’s a bit of a punch to the mouth with nothing but the water from the ice to tame it.

This is not a casual little triple for a lazy afternoon – this is the kind of drink well suited to helping get over the pains of a rough week at work and getting the weekend started.

The roots

The Diamondback cocktail is a great testament to the boozy alchemy that results when you mix together three 100 proof ingredients – in this case, rye whiskey, apple brandy and Green Chartreuse.

Given the drink’s undeniable sting, you would be well within your rights to assume that it was christened after the rattlesnake. But it is actually the house cocktail, initially called the “Diamondback Lounge Cocktail”, named after the Diamondback Lounge in the Lord Baltimore Hotel in Baltimore, in the early ‘50s, which itself may be named after the Diamondback terrapin, the state turtle of Maryland and mascot of the University of Maryland.

This cocktail proves that two great American tastes — rye whiskey and apple brandy – are terrific together. Add the French twist of Chartreuse and you’ve got a rich cocktail that’s perfect for a cold winter night.

The spicy rye mixes with the tangy applejack and the Chartreuse provides sweetness and herbal notes. A dose of Green Chartreuse (and the 132 botanicals used to make it) will give you the lift you’ve been craving all day.

So here’s to the memory of the unknown Baltimore bartender who first formulated the Diamondback cocktail!

The makin’s
1 1/2 parts rye whiskey
3/4 parts applejack
3/4 parts green Chartreuse (yellow works, but green works better)
Cherry to garnish

The drill
Combine ingredients in a mixing glass and fill with ice
Stir well and strain into a chilled cocktail glass
Garnish with a cherry


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