The Fuzzy Navel

Even if sweet drinks aren’t usually your thing (they aren’t mine, for sure), everyone should try this iconic drink at least once. I still have a soft spot for the silly pun of this 80’s throwback.

When it comes to cocktails, the classic Fuzzy Navel is one of the easiest drinks around — in more than one way. Not only is the recipe a very simple one (the basic fuzzy navel has only two ingredients), but the drink itself also goes down easy. Its smooth, sweet taste is something anyone can enjoy — even people who don’t usually enjoy cocktails.

The only fuzzy about this cocktail will be your vision. Drink with caution!

The roots

As the ’70s came to an end, so did the trend among drinkers to consume mass quantities of cheap, sweet wines. Drink enthusiasts of the ’80s rediscovered cocktails, and many of the most popular drinks of that era were overly-sweet homages to the soft drinks that generation had consumed growing up. The Fuzzy Navel was created during this era, along with its icy version called a Fuzzy Navel Slush.

The fuzzy navel was one of the first drinks to arise in the new popularity of cocktails and mixed drinks in the 1980s.

Despite some wild interpretations of how the Fuzzy Navel got its name, the word fuzzy merely refers to the downy soft skin of a peach, one of the main flavorings in the cocktail. Likewise, the term navel has nothing to do with a body part but applies to the orange juice in the drink, commonly squeezed from navel oranges, one of the most popular varieties for juicing.

This recipe is very easy and is a great way to mix up a fruity drink very quickly. All you need is some peach schnapps and a little orange juice. If you want to make it a little stronger, just add vodka and you have a Hairy Navel!

The makin’s
1 part peach schnapps
1 part orange juice

The drill
Fill a highball glass half way with ice
Add peach schnapps
Top with OJ and stir NOT SHAKE


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