The Happy choice

Summer vacations – summer vacations: to me, those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language! Plus, it’s time for my annual Summer Drinking 2016 crusade.

Summer vacations is my most favorite time of year: when everyone is so filled with hope and possibility and love for the entire world and all the people in it! (Don’t worry, as soon as I come back to town some moron will cut me off in traffic and I’ll be back to realizing that humanity is doomed.)

But now, winter in the city is long gone and with that the annoying drinking afternoons with the bird-brains… No more need to put up with all those baboons blah blahing about their day, while I wonder who I pissed off recently to warrant this kind of karmic retribution.

There’s something incredibly liberating about physically being away from my everyday routine, about not needing to preserve my energy for the copious amount of eye rolls I’m forced to make at work throughout the day.

I have been known to avoid alcohol among boring people, not because I’m afraid of what I’ll say (or what they’ll say, for that matter) – I just find it to be a lavish waste of a delightful vice. Now it’s summer and its finally time to enjoy my cocktails just the way I like them: with my people and in broad daylight! Beware: I’m a day-drinker, not a day-drunkard…

The mere fact that I distinguish daytime drinking from regular drinking lets you realize that I know what I’m talking about. My summer day drinking is by happy choice, not a social etiquette. During summer vacations, there’s nothing wrong with canceling everything and just deciding to start boozing at noon. (Or, even better, before noon). You see, day drinking is summer vacations. Each glass, to me, is like a little vacation. From the moment the liquid hits my lips, as it makes its way down, I feel like I’m going on a little private journey! And for the most part, I look good drinking cocktails during the day!

 Luckily, there is always a time of the day that calls for a summer cocktail and I’ve calculated (with a super-secret algorithm) how much I should be pouring down without becoming a swinging-from-the-chandelier rager.

The sun is shining, the water is cool, the days are long, the food is fresh and the drinks are flowing. As the day goes on and more alcohol is consumed, it suddenly begins to feel like everyone in the world is my friend. I embrace the summer and enjoy my drinks – I know the way to hold the sunlight together: put it in a cocktail glass!

 There’s no denying it: summer days belong to the unapologetic drinker!


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