The Kitty Killer

Do you have a cat? If you do have one of these obnoxious creatures around, you’ve certainly sat and watched your cat slowly, determinedly push something off a table and onto the floor. Cats have a well-known tendency to do everything from lying on top of your laptop every time you want to get work […]

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The Godfather

Oops, I did it again, didn’t I? Want a cocktail reminiscent of a time of cigar smoking and fedoras, smoke crammed lounges with a blues singing singer and gangsters sitting at close by tables? The Godfather cocktail epitomizes elegance and as such it has never gone totally out of fashion, but it’s taking part in […]

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The Grasshopper

Booze, meet ice cream! Here’s a cocktail that definitely belongs to the “too sweet” or “guilty pleasure” category of cocktails: a glorified milkshake that substitutes ice cream for regular cream. However, if you ask many cocktail aficionados about the Grasshopper, they’re likely to get nostalgic. It’s an old classic that’s very simple. Mint and chocolate […]

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