The Happy choice

Summer vacations – summer vacations: to me, those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language! Plus, it’s time for my annual Summer Drinking 2016 crusade. Summer vacations is my most favorite time of year: when everyone is so filled with hope and possibility and love for the entire world and […]

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The Booze Thesaurus

Here’s to elevate you to the upper echelon of cocktail ordering. Jargon is technology. Language was created for communication, and sharing a set of vocabulary makes it all the more efficient. A drink order to a bartender needs to be a particularly quick and clear statement. If not, you’re going to look like an amateur, […]

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Glasses 101

The perfect drink deserves the perfect glass, that’s why a cocktail must always be served in the right glass. So a martini will be served in a martini glass and a Bloody Mary in a highball glass. A general rule of thumb is, the stronger the drink, the smaller the glass. So, never drink your […]

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Make Mine with Rye!

Behold, my drink! My god, I do love a good Manhattan! I never wanted to be that girl who asked the bartender “can you make a Manhattan?” – But I became that girl… But the drink taught me an important lesson: Manhattans are not to be ordered indiscriminately. They are to be treated like a […]

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Eyes may well be the windows to the soul, but they’re also a doorway onto drunkenness. If you’ve ever had a hangover, you know just how on spot the name of this drink is, associating itself with that morning after. Every truly heroic hangover is accompanied by bleary, puffy, bloodshot eyes, putting you in a […]

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