The Rob Roy

There are few drinks that taste better than a fortifying and warming rye cocktail on a blustery March evening. Yes, I mean the Manhattan. But what if the Manhattan is out because nobody can make one properly (too little vermouth, not enough bitters)? Here comes the Rob Roy, a drink we’ve heard, but don’t know […]

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You’ve heard of a G&T, right? If not, stop reading and head to a bar to order one. The gin and tonic is having a moment, it’s swinging again because gin is cool! And it doesn’t get more classic. When served correctly, gin & tonic sounds, looks, smells and tastes irresistible. Just four ingredients (gin, […]



The 3 ingredients cocktail I’m drinking all winter – like the Negroni, but, uh, better! The Boulevardier is one of those classic cocktails that everyone should drink on a regular basis. Essentially, it’s this wonderful combination of rye whiskey, Campari, and sweet vermouth or what you’d get if a Negroni and a Manhattan had a […]


The Liberal

Because what the world needs now is more rye cocktails. The Liberal is a fantastic, booze forward, elegant aperitif that is well worth the trouble. This is a really great (and entirely respectable) alternative to the classic Manhattan. Where the name comes from, I do not know. Maybe from the liberal addition of another ingredient […]

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The Aunt Roberta

Do you need to forget something immediately and/or go blind? Then the Aunt Roberta is your answer. The Aunt Roberta tastes really fine despite packing in half a bottle of booze. The Aunt Roberta is less a cocktail than a cry for help. A brain-destroying mixture of absinthe, vodka, gin, and brandy, it will strip […]

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The Brooklyn

I’m a  sucker for rye based, boozy drinks – I’m a true Manhattan junkie. It’s the kind of drink I am, more or less, always in the mood for. Here’s the million-dollar tip: If you’re a fan of the Manhattan, like myself, be adventurous, try the Brooklyn. When the bartended mixed me a Brooklyn, for […]

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