A jewel from the 1880’s! A true gem that sparkles and shines that will put a twinkle in your eyes! A delicious, polished, multi-faceted cocktail that I bet you`ll declare a crown jewel! Don’t let the similarity to the Negroni fool you. It’s much sweeter, more vegetal, and has some serious bite. It gives you some […]

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THE B-52

Take a sip down memory lane with this oldie but goodie! It’s a plane!  It’s a band!  It’s the B-52 Cocktail! An explosive shot designed for the brave. The B-52 shooter is a classic.  It seems to be one of the only shooters that came from the older generation that the younger generation still order. […]

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Want to feel decadent and give off an arty, dangerous aura? Want a “dangerous” way to beat the summer heat? Want to succumb to the green fairy? What could be more decadent and arty, at the same time, than absinthe and Champagne? But a few-too-many Deaths in the Afternoon can still end your day pretty […]



“The bitters are excellent for your liver, the gin is bad for you,” wrote Orson Welles while working in Rome in 1947. It’s one of the earliest reports of the relatively new Negroni. “They balance each other,” he remarked, and indeed, balance is the operative word in this aperitivo. For me, the Campari is one […]

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The Zombie is the mother of all freak drinks. My motto: “keep making them until I turn into one!” Supply a straw and, after two, a hammock – after three: a stretcher. The roots The Zombie (also known as the skull-puncher) is a delicious, exceptionally strong cocktail made of fruit juices and rum. But that […]

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The Long Island Iced Tea

If you have never had a Long island Iced Tea, you’re doing it all wrong and should go back to the moment you turned 21 and start again. The roots If there is one cocktail synonymous with aggressive drinking, it’s the Long Island Iced Tea. Love it or hate it (most of that hate comes […]

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