The Whiskey Sour

It’s almost (almost) the weekend and I need a little liquid courage to get me through the next couple of days. No time for fancy challenging stuff. I just need a comfortably delicious drink. So, here comes the classic cocktail that won’t make me sour! It’s as simple as you can get and still be […]

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The Brooklyn

I’m a  sucker for rye based, boozy drinks – I’m a true Manhattan junkie. It’s the kind of drink I am, more or less, always in the mood for. Here’s the million-dollar tip: If you’re a fan of the Manhattan, like myself, be adventurous, try the Brooklyn. When the bartended mixed me a Brooklyn, for […]

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The Last Word

The last word for the end of the world!  Easy to assemble but hard to forget…The Last Word — a pale green, innocent-looking thing that tastes like no other cocktail. A beautiful lime-green liquid, sweet and sharp that can make a gin lover out of almost everyone. And yes, the 4 unique flavors blend together […]

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Here’s a gangsta one! Here’s some “Good Stuff” for the cocktail veteran, but also for the newcomer to the game, a great drink to get you into gin. And what I do know is that it’s a damn good cocktail coming from a time when cocktails weren’t exactly top-notch. 1920’s Chicago: the training ground for […]



A little bit of medicine to help the rest of the day go down… “To be taken before 11am or whenever steam and energy are needed.” Do you drink before 11am? No? Well, maybe you should… Did you know that there used to be an entire subsection of cocktails devoted to morning drinking? Drinks designed […]



One of the crown jewels in the cocktail world is the Margarita! I don’t think I understand people who don’t love Margaritas. Citrusy, tangy, a little salty – you gotta be nuts not to like this! It’s simple, straightforward and definitely a classic. A margarita with a salted rim can be the perfect drink on […]



No, it’s not your grandmother’s drink – there’s absolutely no problem if you are under 70 and ordering the drink because this sweet yet tangy cocktail is regaining popularity! A sophisticated, classy cocktail, that’s what it is! It’s a delightfully old-timey mix you should definitely put on your regular sips list. Classy, stylish, refreshing and […]

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