The Mint Julep

It’s Friday afternoon and if I’m lucky, I have about 60 hours before I have to speak to anyone again… My working day is over, I will get home, get in my sweatpants, make myself a brain-freezing boozy drink and lie on the couch watching my all times favorite, drenched in alcohol, Great Gatsby! During […]

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If you like the infamous Long Island Iced Teas, you should definitely try the Twelve Mile Limit – a much classier way to get totally wasted, if that’s your thing! One of the booziest cocktails you’ll ever drink – an incredibly tasty drink that is simultaneously sweet, tart, spicy, and rich – everything you could […]

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One of the crown jewels in the cocktail world is the Margarita! I don’t think I understand people who don’t love Margaritas. Citrusy, tangy, a little salty – you gotta be nuts not to like this! It’s simple, straightforward and definitely a classic. A margarita with a salted rim can be the perfect drink on […]


The Bloody Mary

The Bloody Mary is not an evening drink—those who consume it after the sun has set possess personality defects and are to be avoided. It is a known antidote to the common hangover, and those who drink it in the morning are to be regarded as people of great knowledge: In the morning after getting […]

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