The Aunt Roberta

Do you need to forget something immediately and/or go blind? Then the Aunt Roberta is your answer. The Aunt Roberta tastes really fine despite packing in half a bottle of booze. The Aunt Roberta is less a cocktail than a cry for help. A brain-destroying mixture of absinthe, vodka, gin, and brandy, it will strip […]

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the Vieux Carré

Confession time: at home, for the most part, I prefer to drink my whiskey neat. Pour a finger’s width or two of my favorite single malt and I’m happy mom! But when I’m out with friends, I like creativity with my booze. You know, a nice whiskey cocktail! It may not be Friday just yet, […]

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If you want a Manhattan on steroids, try the Diamondback! Here’s a medicinal cocktail with healing powers that’s named after a snake for a reason…. It’s lethal! Or maybe it’s because this cocktail will cure a snake bite – nobody knows for sure, so it’s your call. To say the Diamondback is a strong drink […]



If you like the infamous Long Island Iced Teas, you should definitely try the Twelve Mile Limit – a much classier way to get totally wasted, if that’s your thing! One of the booziest cocktails you’ll ever drink – an incredibly tasty drink that is simultaneously sweet, tart, spicy, and rich – everything you could […]

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A jewel from the 1880’s! A true gem that sparkles and shines that will put a twinkle in your eyes! A delicious, polished, multi-faceted cocktail that I bet you`ll declare a crown jewel! Don’t let the similarity to the Negroni fool you. It’s much sweeter, more vegetal, and has some serious bite. It gives you some […]

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This is what life after Heisenberg is all about: locked away in his apartment, Jimmy McGill, formerly known as Saul Goodman, pours himself a tumbler of Scotch and Drambuie, the preferred drink of depressed old men… The Rusty Nail is a quintessential, unforgiving “old man” drink. Here’s a drink that will put hair on your […]

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