The Last Word

The last word for the end of the world!  Easy to assemble but hard to forget…The Last Word — a pale green, innocent-looking thing that tastes like no other cocktail. A beautiful lime-green liquid, sweet and sharp that can make a gin lover out of almost everyone. And yes, the 4 unique flavors blend together […]

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The Lillet

Summer is here and with it comes my favorite warm weather ritual: sipping a small aperitif outdoors before dinner. Of the many things that are nice to sip, my new love is the Lillet for its light, citrusy bittersweetness. It’s French, it’s classy, James Bond loved it! Citrusy and spicy, with a honeyed texture and […]

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The Fuzzy Navel

Even if sweet drinks aren’t usually your thing (they aren’t mine, for sure), everyone should try this iconic drink at least once. I still have a soft spot for the silly pun of this 80’s throwback. When it comes to cocktails, the classic Fuzzy Navel is one of the easiest drinks around — in more […]

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The Mai Tai

How can you take yourself too seriously when you’re drinking something festooned with umbrellas, cherries and crazy straws? Τhere is no better way to make this happen than with a classic Mai Tai, one of the most famous fun tropical drinks ever made! I totally get those who say it tastes like gasoline, even those […]

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Do you want the buzz without the bite? Do you like milkshakes? Here’s the thing: I like chocolate milkshakes, so I simply love a milkshake-esque drink that has booze in it! And trust me: your inner child will thank you! This cocktail is delicately sweet and creamy, beyond simple, my new nightcap. The geek-chic comedy […]



Eggnog (if that’s the correct way to spell it…) really makes you wonder: How did humans first think that chugging a spiced and spiked egg-yolk-and-milk mixture was a good idea? Milk, sugar, eggs, and nutmeg? Everything in that lineup sounds delicious. So why does the drink taste so far from it? Maybe it’s simply a […]

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