The king of cooling drinks, my official sipper of the summer for any time of the day! This drink is so refreshing and so easy to sip that I think anyone who likes to drink is able to make one with confidence. The only way you can miss it is if you’ve run out of […]



The Bramble is a modern classic, a delicious gin based cocktail that seems to have slipped off many bartenders’ radars. It’s like the best kept secret in town. But, trust me, it’s a must-drink, last-gasp-of-summer cocktail, a delightful combo of gin, lemon, sugar and blackberry liqueur. Apparently, gin and blackberries were meant to be together. […]

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“The bitters are excellent for your liver, the gin is bad for you,” wrote Orson Welles while working in Rome in 1947. It’s one of the earliest reports of the relatively new Negroni. “They balance each other,” he remarked, and indeed, balance is the operative word in this aperitivo. For me, the Campari is one […]

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The Manhattan

Personally, a well-made Manhattan is a cocktail I truly enjoy. It’s perfect in balance, simple and as a girl I can drink this cocktail anywhere and not feel out of place. I always forget how much I enjoy this cocktail, that first sip is like slipping into a custom-tailored dress. You remember how well it […]

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The Martini

There’s no denying it: the martini is a classy drink. It’s clean, simple and comes in an elegant cocktail glass. And for the most part, people look good drinking martinis (but don’t think for a second I’m talking about apple-tinis, choco-tinis or any other stupid fruity flavored cocktail that comes in a martini glass). And […]

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The Bellini

Bellinis make the ideal welcome cocktail! Let’s say you’re hosting a summer fiesta. You want your guests to waltz into the house and find something more than chilled beer bottles. The problem? Well-made cocktails can cause party gridlock. Mixology doesn’t mix well with the flow of conversation. So here’s a solution: Bellinis. People like to […]

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The Long Island Iced Tea

If you have never had a Long island Iced Tea, you’re doing it all wrong and should go back to the moment you turned 21 and start again. The roots If there is one cocktail synonymous with aggressive drinking, it’s the Long Island Iced Tea. Love it or hate it (most of that hate comes […]

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