The French Connection

There are four types of drinks: the drink without food, the drink with food, the drink before food and the drink after food. Today, I want to write about the very last course in the alcoholic beverage menu: the digestif, about this little glass of something to round off the meal. Once you’ve filled your […]

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The Bone-Dry Martini

Ever just have one of those days? Does the entire universe have it in for you? Did your car brake own on the way to work? Did you get into an argument with your boss? And to top it all off, have you just had enough of being surrounded by idiots? Man, do you need […]

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The Whiskey Sour

It’s almost (almost) the weekend and I need a little liquid courage to get me through the next couple of days. No time for fancy challenging stuff. I just need a comfortably delicious drink. So, here comes the classic cocktail that won’t make me sour! It’s as simple as you can get and still be […]

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You’ve heard of a G&T, right? If not, stop reading and head to a bar to order one. The gin and tonic is having a moment, it’s swinging again because gin is cool! And it doesn’t get more classic. When served correctly, gin & tonic sounds, looks, smells and tastes irresistible. Just four ingredients (gin, […]



The 3 ingredients cocktail I’m drinking all winter – like the Negroni, but, uh, better! The Boulevardier is one of those classic cocktails that everyone should drink on a regular basis. Essentially, it’s this wonderful combination of rye whiskey, Campari, and sweet vermouth or what you’d get if a Negroni and a Manhattan had a […]



Well, it’s finally here—the long, slow slog of holidays between the end of October and New Year’s Eve. Call me a Grinch, call me a Scrooge, call me whatever you want, it will never change how I feel about Christmas. I hate Christmas. And this is coming from the girl who hates nothing… except Christmas. […]

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The Liberal

Because what the world needs now is more rye cocktails. The Liberal is a fantastic, booze forward, elegant aperitif that is well worth the trouble. This is a really great (and entirely respectable) alternative to the classic Manhattan. Where the name comes from, I do not know. Maybe from the liberal addition of another ingredient […]

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