The Whiskey Sour

It’s almost (almost) the weekend and I need a little liquid courage to get me through the next couple of days. No time for fancy challenging stuff. I just need a comfortably delicious drink. So, here comes the classic cocktail that won’t make me sour! It’s as simple as you can get and still be […]

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The Mint Julep

It’s Friday afternoon and if I’m lucky, I have about 60 hours before I have to speak to anyone again… My working day is over, I will get home, get in my sweatpants, make myself a brain-freezing boozy drink and lie on the couch watching my all times favorite, drenched in alcohol, Great Gatsby! During […]

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Eggnog (if that’s the correct way to spell it…) really makes you wonder: How did humans first think that chugging a spiced and spiked egg-yolk-and-milk mixture was a good idea? Milk, sugar, eggs, and nutmeg? Everything in that lineup sounds delicious. So why does the drink taste so far from it? Maybe it’s simply a […]

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