“Bartender, I would like to have sex on the beach please”. Who says this? This might lead to some of the most awkward conversations you may have with a bartender… This being said, the drink is ok for anyone with a sweet tooth. The only real problem with this cocktail is the name. If I’m […]


The Kitty Killer

Do you have a cat? If you do have one of these obnoxious creatures around, you’ve certainly sat and watched your cat slowly, determinedly push something off a table and onto the floor. Cats have a well-known tendency to do everything from lying on top of your laptop every time you want to get work […]

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The Cosmopolitan

As a true drink snob, I need to pick on the Cosmo, or as Carrie puts it when asked why she stopped drinking them “because everyone else started.” If, however, you absolutely need to drink a Cosmo, here’s a tip when ordering one at the bar: look around and check to see if anyone is […]

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