The Pink Lady

It’s National Pink Day! The first signs of spring start to stir, inspiration is in the air. Almost-blooming trees and birds twittering have me thinking pink! Rising temperatures, spring parties are best enjoyed with pretty pink drinks! And when I think pink, I think silly drinks for silly girls’ nights! Ladies, meet the Pink Lady! […]

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Eggnog (if that’s the correct way to spell it…) really makes you wonder: How did humans first think that chugging a spiced and spiked egg-yolk-and-milk mixture was a good idea? Milk, sugar, eggs, and nutmeg? Everything in that lineup sounds delicious. So why does the drink taste so far from it? Maybe it’s simply a […]

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Eyes may well be the windows to the soul, but they’re also a doorway onto drunkenness. If you’ve ever had a hangover, you know just how on spot the name of this drink is, associating itself with that morning after. Every truly heroic hangover is accompanied by bleary, puffy, bloodshot eyes, putting you in a […]

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