The 3 ingredients cocktail I’m drinking all winter – like the Negroni, but, uh, better! The Boulevardier is one of those classic cocktails that everyone should drink on a regular basis. Essentially, it’s this wonderful combination of rye whiskey, Campari, and sweet vermouth or what you’d get if a Negroni and a Manhattan had a […]


The Liberal

Because what the world needs now is more rye cocktails. The Liberal is a fantastic, booze forward, elegant aperitif that is well worth the trouble. This is a really great (and entirely respectable) alternative to the classic Manhattan. Where the name comes from, I do not know. Maybe from the liberal addition of another ingredient […]

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The Brooklyn

I’m a  sucker for rye based, boozy drinks – I’m a true Manhattan junkie. It’s the kind of drink I am, more or less, always in the mood for. Here’s the million-dollar tip: If you’re a fan of the Manhattan, like myself, be adventurous, try the Brooklyn. When the bartended mixed me a Brooklyn, for […]

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the Vieux Carré

Confession time: at home, for the most part, I prefer to drink my whiskey neat. Pour a finger’s width or two of my favorite single malt and I’m happy mom! But when I’m out with friends, I like creativity with my booze. You know, a nice whiskey cocktail! It may not be Friday just yet, […]

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The Sazerac

This is an absolutely exquisite drink, the holy grail of cocktails! And, no, it’s not a man’s drink! I know plenty of girls (I’m one of them) who’d take one of these every time over some of the bellywash we see men drinking these days… As you sip it, you come across layer after layer […]

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If you want a Manhattan on steroids, try the Diamondback! Here’s a medicinal cocktail with healing powers that’s named after a snake for a reason…. It’s lethal! Or maybe it’s because this cocktail will cure a snake bite – nobody knows for sure, so it’s your call. To say the Diamondback is a strong drink […]



If you like the infamous Long Island Iced Teas, you should definitely try the Twelve Mile Limit – a much classier way to get totally wasted, if that’s your thing! One of the booziest cocktails you’ll ever drink – an incredibly tasty drink that is simultaneously sweet, tart, spicy, and rich – everything you could […]

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