The easy-to-make shooter that marked my disco years in my early twenties – not one of my prouder moments… The sound of the cocktail shaker seemed to work like a dog whistle with all of us. Shots would line up, we would duck down, toast a quick “Cheers!”, throw back the liquid treat and get […]

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The Cosmopolitan

As a true drink snob, I need to pick on the Cosmo, or as Carrie puts it when asked why she stopped drinking them “because everyone else started.” If, however, you absolutely need to drink a Cosmo, here’s a tip when ordering one at the bar: look around and check to see if anyone is […]

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The Long Island Iced Tea

If you have never had a Long island Iced Tea, you’re doing it all wrong and should go back to the moment you turned 21 and start again. The roots If there is one cocktail synonymous with aggressive drinking, it’s the Long Island Iced Tea. Love it or hate it (most of that hate comes […]

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